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High Entropy Alloys Symposium

Fraunhofer IWS | Winterbergstraße 28 | 01277 Dresden

The symposium will provide insight into the international state of the art of research and development on High Entropy Alloys (HEA). It will present fundamental findings as well as potentials of these alloys for future applications. A major goal is to give an inside into the possibilities and challenges of the industrialization of HEA to potential users.

The event will especially focus on the following aspects:
• Properties and potential applications of HEA
• Requirements for new high temperature materials (mechanical properties, oxidation resistance)
• Corrosion and wear protection of tools
• Synthesis of HEA by means of additive manufacturing as well as coating and thin film technologies
• Super hard yet tough and wear resistant coatings on the basis of HEA nitrides
• Screening tools for material development (synthesis, characterization and thermodynamic modelling)

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