Together we can achieve great results.

Together we can achieve great results

Leading research institutions, industrial players and SMEs form the consortium AGENT-3D as a strategic alliance for research, innovation and growth. It is our joint aim to ensure that Germany maintains technological leadership in the primary fields of additive manufacturing.

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Industrial partners

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Board of directors

Fraunhofer IWS

Fraunhofer Institute for Material and Beam Technology

The scientific portfolio of Fraunhofer IWS includes applied research in the fields of laser material processing, surface functionalization and coating. Against this backdrop, additive manufacturing technologies are key elements of current and future projects. 

Formative laser buildup welding (Direct Metal Deposition DMD) has been reliably applied for years. The main principles of DMD have been investigated through various publically-funded and industrial projects, leading to a mature and systemized technology. Complete laser systems have already been designed for tooling and molding as well as for turbine and engine construction. Furthermore, these systems have already been manufactured in serial production.

In addition to process and system technology, IWS’s wide-ranging experience in process simulation, laser short term metallurgy and material characterization contributes to the project. Extensive expertise also exists in process-structure-characteristics relations and improved characteristics by surface functionalization and coating. The competences range from basic material science to application-oriented special knowledge.

Recently, the range of additive processes at IWS has been expanded to include innovative printing technologies. These enable a significant extension of structural, material and scale-related applications. A wide range of technologies is an important and unique feature of IWS, one that substantially contributes to the success of the proposed project.

Christoph Leyens - IWS


Prof. Dr.-Ing. Christoph Leyens
Director of Fraunhofer IWS;
Director of Institute of Materials Science (University of Technolgy Dresden)

Winterbergstr. 28, 01277 Dresden

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Phone: +49 351 83391-3242

Fraunhofer IMW

Fraunhofer Center for International Management and Knowledge Economy

The main focus of interest at the Fraunhofer IMW (till July 2016 MOEZ) is the internationalization of research, development and innovation. Research results are supplied to commercial and political players as concrete applications.

Core competences of IMW are the development and implementation of data-driven technologies for analyzing international competition and technological trends, including integration into strategies and projects.

The aim of these activities is to boost innovation transfer at both the national and international levels. In this way, the Center investigates criteria for the successful dissemination of research results and the early involvement of relevant players in R&D activities.

Furthermore, the IMW develops individual innovation, cooperation and project management concepts that take into account special challenges of intercultural and interdisciplinary cooperation.

Steffen Preissler Fraunhofer IMW


Dr. Steffen Preissler
Head of Division, Knowledge and Technology Transfer at Fraunhofer IMW

Neumarkt 9-19, 04109 Leipzig

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Phone: +49 341 231039-121

Fraunhofer IPK

Fraunhofer Institute for Production Systems and Design Technology

The Fraunhofer IPK’s research program encompasses applied research and development of future-oriented technologies for production processes in factories. Moreover, new applications are explored in the dynamic fields of medical engineering, service robotics, transport management, globalization management, virtual product and process development, product manufacturing, process control and optimization as well as safety and testing technology.

The main tasks of Fraunhofer IPK include the transfer of basic innovations into functional applications for industrial and public sector clients. A particular concern is to provide new, cost-efficient and environmentally friendly results, also to SMEs. The focus of research is on methods and technologies to increase productivity during the development and manufacture of products and their implementation into system solutions. These include the design and realization of intelligent production processes and their integration into complex facilities.

The institute imparts technical knowledge in the field of manufacturing technology and develops methods for higher quality and better environmental management. The aim is to support companies in the various stages of product conception, development, design, construction and recycling. The Fraunhofer IPK has a staff of over 260, spread over more than 9100 m² of institute workspace in offices, laboratories and testing facilities.

Key research areas in additive manufacturing:

  • Development and qualification of new materials, optimization of process chains for processing innovative materials
  • Process strategies for highly heat-resistant alloys
  • Strategies for processing highly corrosion-resistant and light titanium for prototypes in medical engineering as well as components in the energy and aerospace industry
  • Material models for simulation of additive manufactured lightweight structures
  • Reconstruction of worn components
  • Selective adjustments of component characteristics by varying process parameters
  • Development of internally-cooled molding and machining Tools

Andre Bergmann Fraunhofer IPK


Dipl.-Ing. André Bergmann
Fraunhofer-Institut for production systems and design technology IPK

Pascalstraße 8-9, 10587 Berlin

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Phone: +49 30 39006-107

Fraunhofer IWU

Fraunhofer Institute for Machine Tools and Forming Technology

“Research for the future” – this is the guiding principle of Fraunhofer IWU. For more than 20 years the institute has successfully conducted applied research and development in the fields of production technology for the automotive industry, microtechnology, mechanical and medical engineering.

With more than 590 highly skilled employees, the Fraunhofer IWU is one of the most important research and development institutions in the area of manufacturing science. The core competences at the IWU’s various sites in Chemnitz, Dresden, Zittau and Augsburg range from machine tools, forming techniques, mechatronics and precision technology to virtual reality.

An important element of the success-oriented research work is cooperation with partners from industry, science and research at both national and international levels. As the leading institute for resource-efficient production in the Fraunhofer-Gesellschaft, the Fraunhofer IWU aims to improve resource efficiency and to find ways of implementing this in industry.

The main focus is on the development of intelligent manufacturing facilities to produce bodywork and powertrain components as well as the optimization of the related forming and machining processes. Lightweight structures, the use of new materials and additive manufacturing are significant factors allowing the establishment of new development and manufacturing pathways for innovative components and tools.

Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Müller


Dr.-Ing. Bernhard Müller
Group Manager additive manufacturing processes at Fraunhofer-Institut IWU

Nöthnitzer Straße 44, 01187 Dresden

Write an email
Phone: +49 371 5397-2136


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