Technology Project




Additive manufacturing of three-dimensional components with integrated electrical functionalities


Duration: 01.10.2016 - 30.09.2019

Additive manufacturing technologies for the integration of electronic functionalities


Components with integrated electronic functionalities represent multi-material systems and are manufactured in one plant or in a closed process. As a result, material composites are created which previously could not be produced or could only be produced at great expense and into which sensory elements are integrated depending on the requirements.

Dispenser printing is a flexible and robust generative manufacturing technology for the integration of electrical functionalities. Based on this technology, a complete system is developed that covers the entire process chain.


Production of first laboratory demonstrators for three selected applications


"Printed circuit board"
The aim is to print electrical signal lines on flat surfaces and to realize device connections.


"Sensors and transducers"
The aim is a paste and technology development for printing piezoelectric materials for high temperature sensors and ultrasonic transducers.


The aim is the generative manufacture of thermoelectric generators (TEGs) in an industrial process.