What we are working on.

AGENT-3D is based on the processing of diverse individual projects. The strategy project forms the basis for project ideas. The goal is the systematic implementation of our roadmap. The basic projects form an important bridge function between strategy and technology projects. Below you will find an overview of all our ongoing and completed projects.

basic project



The basic project started in autumn 2015 is an important bridge between the ongoing strategic project AGENT-3D_Strategie and the technology projects. The detailed results of a stakeholder analysis gained in the strategic process are used to define socio-political, economic, business, technological and legal framework conditions and to reveal ways to positively influence these factors. AGENT-3D_Basis generates important basic findings with a focus on interdisciplinary application, to then be employed in the subsequent collaborative project. The five topics of AGENT-3D_Basis are:

• Impact of socio-economic factors on the development opportunities of additive manufacturing
• Copyright / patent law, product liability, competition law requirements
• New pathways of construction and design
• Process reliability, materials and quality management
• Interfaces and standardization

Measuring and testing center


The new measuring and testing center for Additive Manufacturing built in collaboration with the University of Technology Dresden, Fraunhofer IWS, IPK and IWU, guarantees continual growth in expertise in test and measurement engineering for additive manufactured components throughout the entire project lifetime of AGENT-3D. The requested tools will complement the existing measuring and testing tools. All consortium partners can make use of the innovative equipment and expertise. At the same time, the diversity of research issues will establish a wide-ranging fund of knowledge of inner and outer component characteristics. Even after the end of project funding, a competence center for the measuring and testing of additive manufactured products will have been set up for users from industry and research. The construction of this center secures permanent access to equipment and expertise. The described investments serve as a basis for future collaborative projects to tackle technological problems, which can then be solved together with all partners in secure environments using appropriate test equipment and comprehensive software. Clearly, dedicated software and test equipment are needed to achieve a better understanding of the processes, data and materials. Based on these, standard parameters will be determined for testing equipment and software in order to develop the data stream and industrially applicable routines for the various stages in the process chain (engineering, preparation, production and quality test) in future technology projects.

strategy project

AGENT_3D Strategie I + II (completed)

The overall goal of project AGENT-3D_Strategie II is to update the scientific, technological, organizational and economic roadmap created within the strategy project AGENT-3D_Strategie II. This ongoing strategy development is based on the original visionary target fields and their transformation into technologically feasible intermediate objectives. The aim is for the project to prepare a decision-making basis for strategy adaption. The extended board of directors (strategic council) will decide on this foundation in consultation with the scientific advisory board.

Innovation management project

Innovation management project


The overall goal of project AGENT-3D_Management is to coordinate and accompany the implementation of strategy undertaken by the innovative association AGENT-3D. In addition, services are provided to our members. The project is the follow-up to the first strategy phase, which was funded until June of 2015, and continues these initial activities. The project is closely linked to the AGENT-3D_Strategie II running in parallel, providing information from the technology project (research and development project) and the basic project to AGENT-3D-Strategie II in order to assist the strategic preparation of decisions. AGENT-3D_Management supports activities in the fields of research and development within the technology and basic projects by sharing results, cross-links and interfaces. The funded marketing of technological expertise will serve to disseminate innovative R&D results to the public and experts. The project forms the operational base of the overall project AGENT-3D. In addition to public funding, consortium members are required to provide some own funding (as members of AGENT-3D e.V.).