Combined force.

3D Druck Kompetenzen bündeln

External experts from various disciplines and an advisory board are fixed elements and valuable supporters for the strategic work of AGENT-3D.

Pool of external experts

External experts from various disciplines will accompany the strategic process in order to provide a variety of perspectives and outside viewpoints. Whether journalists, designers, standardization experts, media technicians or entrepreneurs: We want input and inspiration from all sides.


Our pool of experts:

  • Prof. Brigitte Wolf
    University Wuppertal
    Specialist for design theory focused on methodology, planning und strategy
  • Prof. Johann Habakuk Israel
    Professor for applied computer science at university of applied sciences Berlin
  • Prof. Jussi Ängeslevä
    Honorary Professor for "Design by digital media" in the courses "Visual communication" and "Art and Media", Applied University for Arts Berlin
  • devbite
    Web agency
  • Dr. Joachim Quantz
    Head of Research at ART + COM and IT constultant
  • Alexandra Engelt und Hermann Behrens
    Department development of new  application areas at DIN
  • Peter König
    Deputy editorial manager of Make Deutschland GmbH
  • Florian Horsch
    Founder and CEO of Hypecask Consulting and editor in the field of 3D printing

Advisory board

Some of the tasks of the advisory board are to propose fundable projects to the project sponsor, to suggest strategic repositioning of the overall project in line with the roadmap, to review the stages of the roadmap, make recommendations for technology projects and foster new ideas.


The members of our advisory board:

  • Dr. Bernd Baufeld
  • Dr. Erhard Brandl
    Audi AG
  • Prof. Vesselin Michailov
    BTU Cottbus-Senftenberg
  • Prof. Marion Steven
    Ruhr Universität Bochum
  • Frau Sylvia Monsheimer
  • Prof. Gideon Levy
    ETH Zürich
  • Prof. Gerd Witt
    University Duisburg (chairman of the advisory board )
  • Siegfried Sikorski
    MTU Aero Engines AG
  • Prof. Michael Zäh
    TU München