Technology Project


Picture: FAKE




Counterfeit-proof latent marking of additively manufactured components


Duration: 01.01.2020 - 31.12.2021


Additive manufacturing enables the decentralized production of complex products, but at the same time weakens the copyright of the creator. The data set for manufacturing is not machine-bound and can be used by third parties to manufacture unlicensed products. The resulting economic damage, increases in the event of damage through unjustified recourse and loss of image.

Main goal

The project "Forgery-proof latent marking of additively manufactured components" (FAKE) strengthens the copyright of additively manufactured components by means of cooperative marking between creator and producer. The marking is carried out by characteristics of both the creator and the producer embedded in the volume. Instead of a commonly used computer tomograph, a small, inexpensive hand-held device is used.


The aim of the project is the demonstration of the marking in the manufacturing process and the readout of the characteristics by means of the developed readout device.
Furthermore, the strategy for the unambiguous, legally compliant tracking of additively manufactured components is to be demonstrated.


The project investigates the applicable material portfolio and the maximum resolution of the process. In parallel, a compact hand-held device for reading out the characteristics is being developed.