Printing new worlds.

Print new worlds by additive manufacturing.

Printing new worlds.

Additive manufacturing in medical science.

Printing new worlds.

Additive manufacturing

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Our mission

Our mission.

Experts predict that additive manufacturing is going to revolutionize the technology of production.

The challenge

Experts predict that additive manufacturing is going to revolutionize the technology of production. Today’s limitations in the manufacture of components and tools can be overcome by the three-dimensional layered deposition of material. This process permits maximal freedom of design and enables the design-driven production of complex functional products. Printed turbines and control cabinets, dental and function-integrated implants, generated satellite and aircraft components will all become reality. This will open up entire new worlds of manufacture – tool-free, fast and extremely economical. Together with our partners, the consortium AGENT-3D is getting ready for lift-off in the coming years: Additive manufacturing will be a key technology, providing companies with real competitive advantages.


Develop solutions and products by additive manufacturing.


Our mission – printing new worlds – acts as a guideline for content-related tasks and projects while also describing the aim of innovation through transformative technology. The organizational groundwork has already been completed. Fundamental production processes have been successfully realized for some years, while the requisite systems and tools have been developed. Now AGENT-3D and its association partners are working to refine products and processes for industrial application. In the coming years we will break down technological barriers at the same time as we combine technological goals with social issues. The focus will always be on helping Germany assume a leading role in additive manufacturing along the entire value chain.


Good examples of additiv manufacturing

What has been achieved: Some good examples

The foundation stone has been laid. The anchor points are set. The first main project of AGENT-3D was launched with the construction of the Measuring and Testing Center for additive manufactured components. Together with the association partners TU Dresden, Fraunhofer IWS, IPK and IWU, this project saw the completion of a competence center to be used by all consortium partners as well as interested industry and research parties. New technologies, comprehensive software and a pool of expertise provide a strong basis for solving technical challenges in the coming years within a secure environment.



Paradigm shift

Additive manufacturing processes bring the right material to the right place without tooling and with high precision, flexibility, resource efficiency and cost-effectiveness. We are driving this evolution and helping to design a new era of printing. Become part of this and help us make Germany the leading provider for additive manufacturing. more

Additive manufacuturing by powder bed procedures
Powder bed procedures
Additive manufacturing by 3D printing
Additive manufacturing by laser buildup welding
Generative laser buildup welding
Process monitoring of additive manufacturing processes
Process monitoring
Additional additive manufacturing processes
Additional processes

A strong community.

Partner des Vereins AGENT3D


Leading research institutions, industrial players and SMEs form the consortium AGENT-3D as a strategic alliance for research, innovation and growth. It is our joint aim to ensure that Germany maintains its technological leadership in the primary fields of additive manufacturing.


AGENT3D - Der Verein


As the umbrella organization of the innovation network, AGENT-3D e.V. provides essential support in project coordination and the integration of new partners.


Unterstützer des Vereins AGENT3D


External experts from various disciplines and an advisory board are fixed elements and valuable supporters for the strategic work of AGENT-3D.